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"Specialised and independent family business"

Wulro B.V. is an independent family business that specialises in the processing and sale of egg products for the European market. The egg products industry has consolidated significantly over recent years, with the number of egg processing plants reduced to a few single units. This trend is due to wholesale distribution uniting, and has continued throughout the entire food chain. Wulro B.V. has been able to maintain its independence because of a very thorough automation, an exquisite quality strategy and a raw material integration that guarantees a steady supply of eggs. This has led Wulro to be the main supplier of major food producers.

  • Wulro B.V. supplies to industrial bakeries, distilleries, potato processing companies, the meat and ice cream industry and producers of pasta, dressings and sauces.
  • For each customer and their specific recipes, customised products are delivered. Just-in-time delivery, customised packaging and product characteristics are key.

Wulro B.V. is your partner for egg yolks, egg whites and whole eggs in liquid form.

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