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Certificates & quality marks

Wulms Egg Group is a recognised food producer that has chosen to separate the certifications and quality marks for Wulro and DEPS. This means that separate recognition numbers have been issued by the Dutch government. These numbers can be found below:

  • Wulro Eiproducten - NL 6561 EP EG
  • DEPS B.V. - NL 80040 EP EG

Within Wulms Egg Group, our customer takes centre stage. We attach the greatest importance to the wishes and demands of our customers. To ensure that we can and may supply any product, we are the proud owner of various certificates and quality marks issued by official bodies. Through annual audits, carried out by the appropriate bodies, we are constantly tested on hygiene, quality and regulations.

Through annual audits and certifications, Wulms Egg Group is always up-to-date with current regulations and market demands. This therefore offers Wulms Egg Group the opportunity to constantly improve the quality of its egg products.

These certifications cover many different aspects within Wulms Egg Group, including: food safety, the disposal of CAT-3 materials and the production of egg products. All these certifications reflect the company's integrated approach to ensure product quality control and the fulfilment of its mission to meet our customers' needs and demands. Currently, Wulms Egg Group has the following certificates:
In addition, Wulms Egg Group is supervised by the COKZ (Control body for quality matters). They carry out checks on egg trade standards and exports.

Quality guaranteed Our certificates

Corporate social responsibility

As a family-run business, we are constantly looking to innovate and improve products and processes. Social commitment and sustainable business are core values of our company. We take our social responsibility and conduct our business with care for animals, people and the environment. This has allowed us to call ourselves an eco-friendly company. In short, this means we have invested in, among other things:

  • Waste reduction by using reusable plastic trays, pallets and spacers;
  • Energy regeneration for our temperature processes;
  • Reuse of eggshells: sterilisation and transformation of eggshells into calcium carbonate or lime source;
  • Reduction of electricity peaks by using variable speed drives;
  • Waste separation across the organisation.
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