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In-house production of egg powder

In 2015, our new Dutch Egg Powder Solutions factory was built. This is where we produce egg powder. We used to outsource this business, but due to rising transport costs and a growing market demand, we decided to take up the production process in-house. The result is a brand new factory named Dutch Egg Powder Solutions (DEPS for short) where we produce albumin powder, egg yolk powder, whole egg powder and custom egg powder products.

We can produce egg powders on a customer-specific basis. This means we can add ingredients such as salt, sugar and flour, for example. We can also produce ready-made bakery mixes for our customers. DEPS is part of the Wulro Food Group.

Quality comes first

With our new factory, we aim to serve top-tier companies active in the food industry. Quality is the starting point and therefore we built and equipped the factory to the highest standards used in the food industry. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. The air is filtered and purified before it enters the facility. In these and many other ways, quality is strictly controlled and guaranteed.

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