Whole egg powder

The main advantage of whole egg powder is its good gelling and water-binding properties. Dissolving 100 g of egg powder in 300 ml of water is equivalent to 400 g of fresh Hen Whole Egg (approx. 8 shell eggs). The technical production process of our egg products involves several stages. The process starts by filtering the liquid eggs. This is followed by drying, sieving and metal detection, after which our products are packaged and stored.

Product packaging:
This product is packaged in a cardboard box with a food-grade liner. With 5-25 kg net weight per
box Big bags 1000 kg.

Storage and transport conditions:
Storage and transport dry at a temperature between 15 and 15 °C. Don't freeze!

Shelf life of whole egg powder:
Whole egg powder can be stored in a non-condensing atmosphere at ambient temperature (15-25 °C) for up to 24 months after production, provided the packaging remains unopened.
Alternative storage conditions may affect this product’s shelf life.

Whole egg powder
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