Egg white powder high gel

Using the right parameters during the drying process and a proper heat treatment, DEPS' egg white powder is known for its good gelling and binding qualities. This is perfect for the production of meat and meat substitutes. Our egg white high gel is also commonly used in the production of fish dishes such as surimi, and it is also very suitable for pasta.

Because the egg is broken at Wulro (the sister company of DEPS which also belongs to the Wulms Egg Group) the product is fully controllable and traceable.

Cardboard box with blue food grade polyethylene liner, 25 kg net weight, 18 or 24 boxes per pallet. A 40ft HC shipping container fits 30 boxes per pallet.
The type of pallet is up to you.

Storage and transport conditions:
Storage and transport dry between 15 and 25°C. Do not freeze!

Shelf life:
36 months after production in non-condensing atmosphere at ambient temperatures (15 - 25°C) in unopened packaging.
Alternative storage conditions may affect this product’s shelf life

Egg white powder high gel
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